Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FInally painting. Life is Good.

Hey all 11 followers : D

I know it's been a few weeks since i've posted anything and a few months since i've posted anything I've been excited about..well I'M EXCITED! It's finally here, The moment I've been waiting for my whole Artcenter career...The Richard Houston painting final! (mind you I could never do this if i was in term) all I've wanted since at Artcenter was ONE just ONE opportunity to paint and paint something amazing! something I could be like "dayum...I guess I did learn something" and I think i've done it! Richard's Final is basically "do whatever you want as long as you do it well" and well...I'm proud of what's happening and I'm going to take you through it's evolution: D Hope you enjoy yourself!

First day or so
On first night I started with Acrylic. I sketched and sketched until my hearts content with composition, proportions, etc. Then I went in with Oils and LET IT RIP! (BTW the piece is 36" x 48 ")

End of Day 2...or 3?
Finished blocking in large color fields and began using smaller brushes. I used an iridescent pigment behind my head for a halo-esque feel and played around with the texture of the paint and medium to paint ratio's.

Today! Tuesday Nov. 23
it was cold in my house...OH SO COLD...I was all bundled up and earlier I was wearing a robe but it was getting in the way. My next post will have what I've done today and I think it's kind of awsome! : DDDDDDDDDD stand by!


  1. This is turning out amazing! The colors really capture the mood. All i can say is DAYUM from looking at this painting!

  2. Thanks Raquel! >.< such sweet words <3

  3. HOT DAMN! Where did you get that model? Can I have his number?