Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Progress v.2

Update Numbah 2!
Hey everybody : D
Just about to start another round of painting and I just wanted to show you guys what the Peacock painting looked like this morning...I kinda love you?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FInally painting. Life is Good.

Hey all 11 followers : D

I know it's been a few weeks since i've posted anything and a few months since i've posted anything I've been excited about..well I'M EXCITED! It's finally here, The moment I've been waiting for my whole Artcenter career...The Richard Houston painting final! (mind you I could never do this if i was in term) all I've wanted since at Artcenter was ONE just ONE opportunity to paint and paint something amazing! something I could be like "dayum...I guess I did learn something" and I think i've done it! Richard's Final is basically "do whatever you want as long as you do it well" and well...I'm proud of what's happening and I'm going to take you through it's evolution: D Hope you enjoy yourself!

First day or so
On first night I started with Acrylic. I sketched and sketched until my hearts content with composition, proportions, etc. Then I went in with Oils and LET IT RIP! (BTW the piece is 36" x 48 ")

End of Day 2...or 3?
Finished blocking in large color fields and began using smaller brushes. I used an iridescent pigment behind my head for a halo-esque feel and played around with the texture of the paint and medium to paint ratio's.

Today! Tuesday Nov. 23
it was cold in my house...OH SO COLD...I was all bundled up and earlier I was wearing a robe but it was getting in the way. My next post will have what I've done today and I think it's kind of awsome! : DDDDDDDDDD stand by!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Painting Practice

Finally working with Oils on a normal basis and studying shadows and color temperature.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Water Inpiration

So I love and whenever I can I join art contests, drawing groups, etc. and This month I decided to enter a small contest who's theme was anything inspired by water. Enjoy!

and for more digital art updates visit my Deviantart!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Digital Illustration assignment 3 : )

This week in Digital Illustration we had to create a piece that and used all the kinds of brushes there are to create in Illustrator. So this is what I came up with. I thought of the idea right before I drifted off the sleep and I sprung out of bed and jotted the idea down before I forgot = )

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Digital Illustration Assignment 2!

Second Assignment for Digital Illustration. As you can tell it's a T-shirt design. The class had to combine 2 of 3 possible processes together using the live trace effect. thoughts?

More Doodles : )

Another wondrous look into my little book of doodles : )

Sunday, May 23, 2010

First Digital ILL assignment : D

Hey everyone!
For this assignment we had to Livepaint in Illustrator a self portrait. It was encouraged that the piece be stylized and tell either a story in your life, something interesting about yourself that most people don't know or unique. This is me...In Belles dress from Beauty and the Beast. It is based on an event that happened to me in Kindergarden and me and Claire joke about ALL the time : D enjoy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally something in the works

Hey everyone, I know it's been...a million years but I'm finally working on something I would like to share with you guys and Kinda show you a step by step... "How Does Michael Okey paint with Acrylic" kinda thing. So Anyway to the painting pics...

1. I start off all my paintings with a ton of sketches in my sketchbook and from there I finally arrive at the perfect composition.
2. I rarely draw on my canvas with pencil or anything. I don't like How pencil, pen, charcoal, ect. smears. I always draw with paint and I try to cover the whole canvas with paint. No matter the color or value, I just like to get a good base on the canvas.
*Tip* stay LOOSE. paintings are more about feeling in the beginning than detail. don't get all caught up in using reference and about the details at this point. I just draw! I don't use pictures or anything to just put down my idea.

3. At this point, I begin to work out the values. I like to take pictures of my piece throughout the developmental stages and put them in PS and make them Black and White, to see how the Values are working together.
4. Continuing to stay lose, I begin to harmonize the colors in my piece, using a triad of Blue, Green and Orange, I throw a little here and there to keep the unity in the piece.
5. well look at that...something is starting to form...DON'T KILL IT! step back!
this is a nice time to step back from your piece and ask yourself "is there something missing? something off? something just...not working? I thought the piece needed a little something in the bottom right corner..and in the next process can see I decided I didn't XD paintings are so temperamental! haha6. A splash of color there, a little detail there and DELETE, DELETE, DELETE!....and add : D When working on something for so begin to see how things work together and sometimes they just don't play nice! I felt the blob behind the chair I am sitting on (which was going to be yellow carnation flowers) cluttered the piece and the "what were going to be coins" in the bottom right corner was much. So with a swift brush stroke they were gone. As a good artist once said " just have to kill your babies" : o
7. well, now that you have a good base, put in some details! don't get so caught up in them...but start bringing the piece alive. I worked a bit on the cake, mountains, and water...but remember MOVE AROUND THE PIECE. don't just get stuck in one don't want one part to look fantastic and the other parts...look like you did them last minute because you got bored of the piece and just wanted to get it finished : /

to be continued...