Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Digital Pieces

Hey everybody : D
Just another update!
finished 3 other commissions from
I've been SO busy this break! I haven't stopped!
I'm only posting 2 of the 3 pieces because do to copy right and the request of the commissioner I cant post it but it was REALLY sexy...and I loved it...but beside that where have the past 3 weeks gone????? =.= down the toilet that's where haha but I'm glad I really put my nose to the grind stone and got so many Gaia commissions done : D 6 pieces in 2 weeks, i think that something to be proud of heck yes and I'm really happy i had the time to apply what I learned last term to my digital work, improving powers activate!
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Friday, May 6, 2011


This is just one big night of posts XD
Well I thought about it and I figured I would post up "other" things I do beside paint and school and that would be "" ...I've been a member for maybe...6...7 years and I can't leave haha When I have breaks or free time I LOVE TO MAKE THE GOLD! so people pay me large sums of gold to draw there avatars and well...I find it fun so here are 2 : 3
If you want to see more visit my DeviantArt
: D thanks for stoppin by!


...Blogger will only let you post 5 images at a time...TO CONTINUE

This was my final in class drawing I did for Digital Life class (my favorite class ever yum yum scrumptiosnessnessness) not my favorite drawing...but I did experiment a lot during and figured out some cool things : )

Jeese i'm neglectful!